How to Write a College Essay?

New to the college essay writing experience? Scared out of your wits or don’t know where to start? I hear you. It can be quite intimidating how to write a college essay at first.  Fortunately, it’s easier than you think. All you’ve got to do is start right.

For that reason, here are some quick guidelines that will help you figure out what you’re supposed to do.

Start with the three parts

The first step to getting the essay right is understanding that there are three parts to every essay. That’s the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. So far so obvious. The introduction and the conclusion need to link up. What do I mean with that? I mean that you ask a question or make an argument in your introduction and then summarize how you’ve dealt with that question or argument in your conclusion.

The body is then where you make your way through the steps that can allow you to state in your conclusion that you’ve dealt with whatever you outlined in the introduction.

Normally the introduction and the conclusion will only be a few hundred words each. The rest of the text will be devoted to the body. Of course, if you’re writing an essay that comes in under a thousand words then you’ll have to make them shorter as otherwise, you’ll not have any space for the actual meat of your essay.

Don’t just start writing

If you’re an experienced essay writer perhaps you can just start writing. If you haven’t written that many essays yet, however, then you’ll quickly find yourself wandering off the beaten track, into the forest and entirely lost. And in that case, you might as well buy essay right off the bat instead of wasting a dozen hours and then reaching for online help.

You need a trail of breadcrumbs that you can follow so that you know what to write about in a college essay. The best way to do that is to write an outline. It doesn’t have to be very detailed, but it has to be there. Start with the subject of your essay. What is the question you want to answer? That’s your introduction. Then find out what the answer is. That will be your conclusion. Next, take the arguments that you believe will support that answer. And those will make up the body of your text.

Hey, presto. You have an outline.

Now it’s all about arranging them

Obviously, your introduction and your conclusion are fixed in place. The steps that you want to use to carry you from your question to your answers aren’t quite as rigid, however. So, play around with the order. You’ll want to put the strongest two in the beginning and the end as that the initial pop and what your audience will remember.

The rest go in the middle.

And then you write

It might sound like a lot of work, but I promise that if you follow this outline you’ll end up spilling a lot less ink and doing a lot less editing. Then, when you’ve internalized how you do this process you can always consider dropping them again as you’ll understand how to link things up.

But if you’re looking at articles like these you’re not there yet. Write the outline. Follow the path. Do that well and your essay will make sense. Don’t and you’ll end up getting back an essay with big red question marks in their margin.